Emotional literacy and social skills development

o  Age-specific and tailored to children’s stage of developments

o  Empathy skills

o  Emotional awareness

o  Self-regulation

o  Assertiveness

o  Theory of mind

o  Social skills developments

Learning support and study skills

o  Approaching homework tasks, projects, studying and tests

o  Understanding specific learning strategies/styles and appropriate application

o  Mindfulness training

o  Managing stress

Pre-adolescent and adolescent support groups

o  Social media and buzz-words

o  Bullying and cyber-bullying

o  Understanding puberty

o  Social-emotional development

o  Assertiveness

o  HIV awareness

o  Depression, suicide and trauma

Bespoke parent/teacher workshops and training

o  Sensory processing in relation to children's learning and development

o  Discipline and boundary setting

o  Blended families

o  Social media: Dealing with "buzz-words"