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What is Educational Psychology?

Educational psychologists work with children, parents and schools, to enhance learning and development. The profession includes supporting children, adolescents and parents emotionally through play therapy, individual therapy and parental guidance, respectively.

Additionally, educational psychologists are trained to conduct assessments, namely psycho-educational, school-readiness, concession and social-emotional assessments. Such assessments assist in understanding the child's current functioning and help identify possible gaps in the child's development. The assessment process serves to bridge these gaps through appropriate and practical recommendations, with the aim of enhancing and maximising the child's holistic potential. The interventions suggested are suitable, feasible and tailored to the family’s needs.

The Path to Educational Psychology

Nikki established a fascination for child development in the early years of her tertiary education. She was intrigued by the multiple and intertwined systems that influence child growth, development and ultimately, their potential.


This evolved into understanding the powerful impact of relationships and connection, and how children learn, play and operate as a result of their exposure and early experiences. She was driven to understand more about how the combination of nature and nurture stimulate a child and their development.


Consequently, a passion for working with families was ignited; and so, Nikki's goal became to support parents and their children in ways that are meaningful to their unique environment and context.


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